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Polished concrete floors are the best choice in flooring. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll lay out the facts, so you can decide for yourself. Premier Polish Corp is the Top Rated Local® company for polished concrete in Holbrook, NY. Visit us online today to find out more and contact us for a free estimate!


Tile is a great product. It’s usually all natural, poses no health or environmental risks, and comes in a variety of colors, textures, sizes, styles, and patterns. Very customizable, tile looks great and is relatively easy to keep clean.

However, tile does have many adverse characteristics. Tile flooring must be resealed and re-grouted periodically from the wear and tear of day-to-day use. Tile flooring is also relatively expensive to install since it’s labor intensive and is usually laid down one tile at a time.

Tiles are susceptible to breaking, especially if something heavy is accidentally dropped on them. Tiles warm up and cool down according to the temperature outside. When it’s cold out, tiles are cold and may be colder on your feet. Tile can be hard to walk on for your feet. Tile flooring also will not hold up to water damage and would most likely need to be completely replaced in the event of a flood, a burst pipe, or a leak from an appliance.


No doubt the best part of wood flooring is its beauty. Wood is easily stained and can be customized to many different shades, textures, and styles. Long-lasting and durable, wood flooring is a favorite among homeowners.

However, as most of us know, wood flooring has its drawbacks. Moisture is a huge issue for wood. If your wood floors get wet, buckling, crowning, cracking, and cupping can happen. Wood also expands and contracts, and too much moisture can expand your wood flooring to the point of buckling if wood planks are installed too close to each other.

Wood is highly susceptible to the natural elements. It can fade with too much sunlight. Heating vents can cause your wood to expand, causing buckling issues as well. Wood is easily scratched and dented. Many dog owners can testify to just how easily wood can be impressed with all the scratches and marks from a dog’s claws. Termites also pose a threat to wood floors.

Daily maintenance of wood is relatively easy: simple sweeping and mopping like any floor is all that is required. However, every few years, your wood floors will need to be re-sanded and refinished, which can be a pain when you have to move all your furniture out of that space. Just like tile flooring, in the event of a flood, water leaks, or burst pipes, your wood floors will most likely be ruined and require a complete replacement.

That leads us to the biggest con: the cost of wood floors. Wood, being from trees and, albeit a natural resource, takes time to grow. Hence wood floors are expensive.


Carpet is the most popular type of flooring, mainly for one reason: it’s cheap. Carpet installation is quick, and carpet comes in any color you can imagine with many types of textures and styles. Many people like carpet because it muffles noises and is soft and warm to walk on.

However, carpet has many disadvantages. First, it is notoriously hard to keep clean and easily stains. Carpet has a short shelf life, lasting an average of about six years. Carpet is not the best choice for basement flooring due to the fact the water heater is usually located in the basement as well as the furnace, both of which can and do emit moisture. Water damage can ruin the carpet and the padding underneath carpet as well, resulting in a replacement of the entire flooring.

Some people are allergic to carpets due to the synthetic material carpet is made out of. Carpet has been shown to give off chemical gases that are unhealthy and possibly carcinogenic. Carpets can also capture volatile organic gases, which are emitted by paints, sealants, cleaners, and other aerosol sprays.

Whatever you track in from nature gets stuck in your carpets. Pesticides from the grass, pet droppings, accidents in the house from pets or children, and spills are never completely removed. If you walk around the house barefoot, this can pose a health hazard. In the event your carpet does get wet and stays wet for 24 hours, the carpet can breed mold and mildew and once started, mold and mildew will continue to grow — another health hazard.


Epoxy flooring is in essence a concrete flooring that is coated with an epoxy system, which hardens and bonds to the concrete, creating a new surface. Epoxy flooring results in a shiny floor with a non-slip, matte, or high-gloss finish. Available in a variety of colors and design options, epoxy flooring is easy to clean.

However, epoxy is a high maintenance flooring. New coats must be applied periodically when it cracks or starts to flake. Epoxy scratches easily and is difficult to replace or put on a new color. Furthermore, epoxy can trap moisture content, especially if you live in a high humidity area. This can result in cracking, flaking, and a peeling of the epoxy covering.

In the application process of epoxy, the top layer of concrete must be grinded off in order for the epoxy to adhere. Epoxy flooring, being at its source a chemical compound, is not environmentally friendly. It only lasts about two to three years, depending on the volume of traffic. This time could be extended if the floor is not used often. Epoxy is slippery when it’s wet and can absorb chemicals from the concrete it is laid upon, which could result in cracking and flaking and a total replacement of the flooring.


VCT, or vinyl composition tiles, is a type of flooring popular in commercial and industrial settings. Made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips, VCT flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and colors and is mildly resistant to scuffing and tearing as long as regular maintenance is done.

However, VCT flooring has many detractions. First, it must be stripped and waxed every few months as part of its maintenance routine in order to ensure appearance and it doesn’t sustain damage. Spills on VCT floors will cause stains and the moisture may peel the tiles, both requiring replacement. If not properly installed, VCT flooring can crack, bubble or not align right as well as can fail at the seams. This flooring is susceptible to dents and cracks, especially if heavy objects such as you’d find in commercial and industrial uses fall on the flooring.

The PVC chips that vinyl composition tiles are made from are very hazardous to your health. During the manufacturing process, harmful chemicals and pollutants are released and these chemicals such as phthalates can be released throughout the VCT floors’ lifetime. Lastly, this flooring must be replaced every few years, depending on the foot traffic and, in the event of a flood or burst pipe, the whole floor would be damaged and require replacing.


Aggretex flooring has thousands of design possibilities, including shells, glass, sand, or other types of rocks incorporated into the flooring. Aggretex flooring mirrors polished concrete flooring because it goes through a very similar polishing process as polished concrete. Aggretex flooring is popular to use for both indoor and outdoor uses, and when used outdoors, the aggretex flooring can omit the polishing process, which cuts down on the overall cost of the flooring.

However, Aggretex flooring is one of the most expensive type of flooring to install due to its decorative properties and it adds a 2 inch layer to existing flooring, which may cause problems in rooms with appliances, doorways, and on stairwells.


Terrazzo flooring is a custom concrete pour and mixture made from marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material. It is similar to polished concrete as it is ground and polished smooth for a uniform texture. Terrazzo flooring is very durable and low maintenance. Similar to polished concrete, terrazzo floors are significantly more expensive.

Installation must be precise as terrazzo flooring is poured into place or precast on a concrete slab. Care of floor is a bit time consuming as the floor must be buffed after mopping to restore the glossy finish.


The benefits of polished concrete flooring are overwhelming. First, polished concrete floors can last a lifetime with correct maintenance and upkeep. Polished concrete flooring is less slippery than similar types of flooring such as linoleum or polished marble. Polished concrete floors are extremely durable. If your pipes burst when you’re on vacation, a flood occurs, or a slow leak escapes notice, you don’t have to worry — your polished concrete floors won’t need replacing and won’t show any adverse effects.

Polished concrete floors look amazing in all types of buildings. They’re great for commercial uses, residential homes, and industrial spaces. Customizable to fit any quirk, polished concrete finishes look sharp and professional, using stains and dyes for color and variety. No special maintenance is required for polished concrete beyond your typical floor cleaning needs such as brooming, vacuuming, and mopping. Spills, water, and chemicals are easily wiped up with no adverse effects usually. Very environmentally-friendly, polished concrete flooring causes no health issues, and no new products are created to end up in landfills. Polished concrete flooring is also a great flooring to add radiant heat to for those exceptionally cold nights.

When you’re pulled in a thousand directions with work, spouse, kids, activities, hobbies, family, friends, errands, and just daily tasks such as laundry and dishes, you don’t have time to deal with your floors. From scheduling a carpet cleaner, moving all your furniture to refinish wood floors, re-grouting your tile flooring, and dealing with cracking and flaking epoxy, other flooring options cost you more than money; they cost you time, which is often more precious to us than money.

Premier Polishing Corp believes wholeheartedly that polished concrete flooring is the best choice in flooring for both the short term and the long term. It is the easiest to maintain, the most cost-effective over its lifetime, and the flooring that is the least hassle. Polished concrete is perfect in any home, office, school, garage, warehouse, retail store, and shop. Premier Polishing Corp is the best polished concrete company in the Holbrook, NY, area. We offer free estimates. With polished concrete flooring, the time you save over a lifetime will add up to hours spent making memories with your loved ones. Call us today!